Why You Should Consider Switzerland for Spring Break

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A train ride through the snowy Alps is just one of the many reasons you should consider Switzerland for Spring Break!

Switzerland is the perfect spot to enjoy carving into the Alps, incredible scenery, and a real European experience.

When it comes to Spring Break, it’s normal to think of warm weather destinations.  However, Switzerland gives you the chance to have a real unique adventure, plenty of stories, and pictures to share.


So, let’s say you’re not a skier. Can you still enjoy Switzerland? Well, of course you can. Switzerland is a clean and safe destination for college Spring Breakers looking for something different. If traveling with the family, parents can rest assured the whole family will enjoy this winter playground.

View of the Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps offer a charming place to relax and try your hand at winter sports.

In fact, Switzerland is often considered the safest country on the planet.

From thermal springs for those looking to relax to dozens of resorts for skiers/snowboarders in search of adventure to foodies wanting to savor the tastiest chocolate and cheese on the planet, Switzerland is the place to visit.

What to Do in Switzerland


There are countless resorts to check out while spending a week or so in Switzerland but, just like the mountains stateside, you’re apt to find some more crowded, more expensive, or more adventurous than others. Here is just a snippet of what you can find in the Swiss Alps.

Top of a ski slope

Switzerland is the perfect spot to try skiing for the first time!

Murren – This place will empty the bank account but what comes with it is exclusivity, zero traffic, and a view that will put your ego in check. Nestled atop the Lauterbrunne Valley, the only way to reach this resort is via cable car which, because of its isolation, comes with that heavy price tag. Its chalet-style architecture and access to other mountains allows skiers to experience a luxurious side of Switzerland.

Zermatt – Let’s call this the college Spring Breakers location of choice. Known for its nightlife and challenging slopes, it’s also home to the extremely famous Matterhorn (the most photographed mountain – it even has a Disneyland ride named after it). Beer-drinkers find this place home and parties can go to the wee hours of the morning. You can’t beat the skiing, so long as you nurse that hangover with a nap in the gondola.

Arosa – If that classic ski-look isn’t your thing, or you’re bringing the kids along and you want a family-friendly option, Arosa is a fine choice. Kid-friendly, not as expensive as some other resorts and has a more modern feel are just some advantages to Arosa. The runs are diverse enough that skiers of most skill levels can enjoy anything from the easy-intermediate trails to YOU’RE-OUT-OF-YOUR-MIND options.


How would you like to stay in a hotel that was built this year? And won’t be around come summertime? Iglu-Dorf is an igloo hotel, bar, and restaurant that is literally built every year. There are five locations across Switzerland which feature a few rooms for guests as well as bars and restaurants. You’ll mostly find them on the mountain where skiers can take their breaks and enjoy a meal and a beer while experiencing something more unique than a lodge.

Bar carved from ice inside an igloo hotel in Switzerland.

Inside the igloor bar, the atmosphere is pretty chill. Photo: http://www.iglu-dorf.com/en/galerie/fotogalerie

Thermal Baths and Spas

Give yourself a true European spa treatment. Soak your cares away in a thermal bath as you view the gorgeous mountain peaks in the background. Many are equipped with steam rooms, water activities, pools, and more. You can find them scattered throughout the country, including ski resorts, so you can rest and relax after charging the mountains.

Titlis Cable Car

What’s so great about riding in a cable car? Oh, when it comes to the Titlis Cable Car, you’re in for a real treat. Opened in November 2015, the Titlis Cable Car is situated in Lucerne, which is in central Switzerland, and takes visitors to the Titlis Ski Area which is a favorite spot for countless shredders. The cable car also rotates 360 degrees as you ascend. You’ll see it all no matter your seat! On top of that, non-skiers can also take in the panoramic view, walk through the Titlis Glacier (more on that in a moment), and spend time in an Igloo Village.

Titlis cable car in Switzerland.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view on your Swiss cable car ride. Photo: By Björn Söderqvist – originally posted to Flickr as Titlis Rotair, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7272176

Now, the Titlis Glacier allows you to explore the inside of a glacier carved out before man figured out how to play with fire. Nearly 500 feet long, Titlis is filled with marvelous blue colors and sparkling ice crystals.

The Titlis Glacier in Switzerland.

The Titlis Glacier in Switzerland. Photo: By Cable1 – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4882928

Ice Magic – Interlaken

Check out this magical winter wonderland where you can skate across 5 ice rinks linked by winding runways.  When your ankles tire from ice skating, indulge in other activities. Go curling, grab a great meal, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, or just take in the sights and sounds.

Ice skating in Interlaken Switzerland

Ice skating on one of five rinks in Interlaken. Photo: Interlaken’s Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Interlaken/photos/a.461521197546.251022.95555402546/10153469142692547/?type=3&theater

Chocolate and Cheese Tours

Aside from handy pocket knives, the Swiss are also known for their chocolate and cheese. Interested in seeing how your favorite foods are made? Book a tour. There are also walking tours within cities and villages so you can explore and sample a few gastronomical options while burning off a calorie or two.

Choose Switzerland!

Spring Break isn’t always about hanging out in the sun with a Margarita in your hand and with an option like Switzerland, you’ll find that there is plenty of activity to keep everyone busy. The views are astounding and you’ll head back to the states with a ton of great memories, lots of pictures and one incredible European location checked off your bucket list.

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