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At Jaya Travel & Tours, our tour packages cater to every detail, encompassing activities, hotels, rental cars, and seamless transfers. Start by exploring our variety of customized tours, small group tours, and large group travel!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Laozi, Dao De Jing

Featured Group Tours

Gurudwara Sikh Pilgrimage

9 days | 8 nights
Priced from $803 per person


8 days | 7 nights
Priced from $2195 per person

Scandinavian Delights Tour

9 days | 8 nights
Priced from $2495 per person

Jewels of
Eastern Europe

10 days | 9 nights
Priced from $2040 per person

The Best
of Europe

11 days | 10 nights
Priced from $2265 per person

Customized Tours

Jaya’s customized tour packages are specifically tailored to those who are looking for more control over their travel. Our designated travel agents will have a hand in booking your vacation necessities, but the decisions will be your own! Explore at your own pace, schedule flexible travel dates, choose where and when you dine, and if you want guided tours or non-guided tours. Learn more about our fantastic customized tour packages below.


8 days | 7 nights
Priced from $1,990 per person


8 days | 7 nights
Priced from $2,470 per person


8 days | 7 nights
Priced from $2,495 per person


8 days | 7 nights
Priced from $2,355 per person

Small Group Tours​

If you’re embarking on vacation with family or friends, then book our small group tour packages.* Small group tours are ideal for those who want to focus on enjoying their vacation, rather than the stress of planning it. Jaya Travel wants you to focus on the destination in front of you, so we’ll take care of all the travel logistics. The packages include a structured itinerary, guided or non-guided tours, assistance loading/unloading luggage, and pre-arranged transportation and transfers. Discover the magic of our featured small group tour packages below. 

Enchanting Italy

7 days | 6 nights
Priced from $1,160 per person

Inspiring Morocco

9 days | 8 nights
Priced from $3,519 per person

Enchanting Egypt

8 days | 7 nights

Large Group Tours

Planning a trip is already stressful, and adding numerous travelers to the itinerary only makes booking disorienting. If you’re scheduling a vacation with 10 or more people, take advantage of our dedicated Groups Department. Our travel specialists will book cheap group rates, ensure everyone travels together, and provide an exciting itinerary! They help with various group travel, including study abroad programs, athletic travel, volunteer trips, religious pilgrimages, and wellness/fitness retreats.

*Tours are subject to change. Please see your Jaya travel agent for more information.

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