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Featured in Guide to Flight Classes by Jaya Travel & Tours, this image shows the wing of an airplane flying with a pink sunset.

Guide To Flight Classes

Jaya Travel & Tours has a guide to understanding the similarities and differences in flight classes, including their amenities, offers, and comfort levels.

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Featured in Responsible Travel Guide by Jaya Travel & Tours, this image shows a tourist at the great wall of china.

Responsible Travel Guide

Explore responsible tourism with Jaya Travel & Tours as we share eco-conscious tips, ethical adventures, and sustainable destinations for mindful explorers.

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Featured in "Traveling with a Language BArrier" by Jaya Travel & Tours, this image shows a mean wearing a turban and holding up a sign in a foreign language.

Traveling with Language Barriers

Although language barriers can pose a problem while traveling, Jaya Travel & Tours has the best methods to help anyone embrace and overcome language barriers while traveling.

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A large group of young people on vacation staying in a hostel together, laughing with each other, and sharing the same room. This image is featured in the Jaya Travel & Tours blog post, "Debunking 5 Myths About Hostels," which describes false lies about staying in a hostel on vacation and why they are incorrect.

Debunking 5 Myths About Hostels

Jaya Travel & Tours is debunking 5 myths about hostels which are the product of misinformation, proving that they’re clean, safe, cheap, and fun accommodations!

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A male traveler sleeping on a chair in the airport after a long overseas flight. They're suffering from jet lag, which jaya travel & tours knows all of the tips to overcome jetlag.

How To Overcome Jetlag

Jaya Travel & Tours knows that there’s nothing worse than jetlag. To help travelers everywhere beat exhaustion, we’ve compiled the best tips to overcome jetlag.

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