Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels

Traveling with pets can be a challenging endeavor, often leaving pet owners feeling exhausted and frustrated by the lack of tailored experiences available. Despite many establishments claiming to be “pet-friendly,” the reality often falls short of expectations.

But fear not, as the tide is turning. Hotels are now swiftly embracing the concept of true pet-friendly hospitality, catering to the needs of both human guests and their furry companions alike. In this blog, Jaya Travel & Tours takes you on a journey to explore the top five pet-friendly hotels around the globe.

Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels Around The Globe

The Langham

The Langham stands out as Sydney’s exclusive pet-friendly hotel that warmly welcomes animals weighing under 44 pounds for an additional 85 USD per pet. 

Under the hotel’s Pampered Pets Program, pets are treated to a luxurious experience complete with a plush bed, feeding bowls, treats, and an in-room dining menu featuring specially curated dishes. Dog guests can savor roast Angus beef, while cats can indulge in ocean-fresh sashimi and poached salmon. 

The Pampered Pets Program is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Boston, and Los Angeles.

Le Bristol


A top pet-friendly hotel in Paris, Le Bristol treats guest pets as royalty. Travelers staying overnight are treated to a luxurious experience for an additional 75 USD, which includes two pets.

Their amenities feature plush pet beds to borrow, water and food bowls for the room, and puppy snacks at check-in. Along with these offers, the front desk carries leashes to borrow for a walk around town.

During your stay in Paris, you can meet their famous furry friend, Fa-Raon, a male Birman cat!

The Rosewood

The Rosewood Hotel offers four-legged friends and their parents a luxury stay for an additional daily fee of 50 Euros per pet. For an extra special treat, the Rosewood in London offers a Luxury Canine Package!

Pets are pampered with a chic bed, welcome treats, as well as food and water bowls. The package also includes a dog-friendly guide to pet-friendly restaurants, nearby dog parks, and grooming services in London. Pet parents can also enjoy their dog grooming, sitting, walking, and even training services.

The Rosewood Sand Hill also offers a Pampered Pets Package with similar benefits. 

Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Hotels have welcomed pets since their founding in 1981, even employing four-legged friends as Directors of Pet Relations. There are no limits on weight, size, or number of pets, as well as no additional charges or deposits.

They provide water bowls, treats, pet beds, toys, and cleanup bags at no additional cost. Additionally, door hangers alert other hotel guests and staff that your beloved pet is in the room. At reception, pet parents can access local caregivers, parks, and animal-friendly establishments. 

Every night, they host a wine reception where pets are welcome to join the party (select hotels only).

The Hoxton

The Hoxton Hotel is a popular pet-friendly option with tons of locations worldwide. Plus, this luxury chain doesn’t charge additional fees for bringing dogs into their rooms!

The newly launched Hox Hounds website provides information for traveling with your pet. It’s creatively presented with a palette of yellows and blues (the only colors dogs can register) and is written in ‘woofs’ and ‘ruffs.’

The Hoxton offers dog amenities such as a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, cozy beds, water and food bowls, special room service dishes, as well as information for pet-friendly locations, groomers, dog walkers, veterinarians, and pet supply stores.

Important Information

While it’s extra exciting to bring your furry friends on vacation, it’s important to know this information before you go:

  • Ensure that your pet complies with the weight limit listed by the hotel
  • Ensure animals are well-mannered and disease-free
  • Some hotels require animals to be vaccinated
  • Notify the hotel of your additional pets during the booking process, or let a Jaya Travel agent do it for you!

Pet-Friendly Vacations with Jaya Travel & Tours!

With the increasing availability of pet-friendly accommodations, embarking on adventures with your beloved pets has never been more convenient. From luxurious pet spas to customized in-room dining menus, these hotels are dedicated to ensuring that your furry companions experience a vacation as delightful as yours.

At Jaya Travel, we excel in curating seamless getaways tailored to both you and your pets. With our expertise, rest assured that your vacation will be not only safe and enjoyable but also filled with cherished memories for both you and your four-legged friend. Contact us today to embark on your next unforgettable journey together!

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