Which Waterfall Should You Visit Quiz?

A young female traveler is on a hiking tour of waterfalls and enjoying the view of the waterfall. This is the featured image for Jaya Travel & Tours travel blog article, "Which Waterfall Should You Visit Quiz?"

Spring break is just around the corner, meaning vacationers everywhere should start thinking about their travel plans. If you’re struggling to pick a travel destination filled with everything your dream vacation requires, then you’re not alone. Jaya Travel & Tours knows that waterfalls are an amazing addition to any trip—they’re often dubbed a life-changing experience. To help decide which waterfall you should explore, we designed this travel quiz!

Take the quiz below and plan your dream getaway!

What is your favorite part about nature?

  1. Nothing!
  2. Finding flora and fauna
  3. Getting enjoyable exercise
  4. The unmatched beauty

Where will you observe the waterfalls?

  1. An observation tower
  2. In a boat on a river trip
  3. The window of a railway
  4. A hiking trail

What will you snack on after visiting the waterfalls?

  1. Smoked meats, fresh bagels, and fries with cheese curds and gravy
  2. Thin corn pancakes, fried plantains, and empanadas
  3. Lentil soup, curry, and braised lamb chops
  4. Fresh gnocchi, seafood bakes, and risotto

How much time will you spend on vacation?

  1. A weekend
  2. One week
  3. 10 days
  4. Two weeks

What will you do after trekking the falls?

  1. Explore a nearby city
  2. Hike through a jungle
  3. Visit an animal sanctuary
  4. Descend into an ancient cave

Where will you spend the night?

  1. A luxury hotel suite
  2. A quaint lodge
  3. A hotel overlooking the falls
  4. Camping in a tent

What is your biggest concern about planning this trip?

  1. Internet access
  2. Budget
  3. Time
  4. Safety

Tally up your answers and read the results below!

Mostly 1’s: Niagara Falls, USA

The featured image in the Jaya Travel & Tours article "Which Waterfall Should You Visit Quiz?" The image is a wide shot of Niagara Falls in America with a large tour boat in the water on a tour of the waterfalls.

If you got mostly 1’s, then beautiful Niagara Falls is the site for you! It’s located in America near the Canadian border, nestled away from the big cities in New York. There are tons of different ways to explore the falls, ranging from family friendly to experts only. 

A beautiful photo of the waterfall in America, Niagara Falls, with colorful lights highlighting the waterfalls. This is an image from Jaya Travel & Tours blog "Which Waterfall Should You Visit Quiz?"

Not only known for its beauty, it’s also famous for producing millions of kilowatts of electricity, which is shared by the two countries. The region is also known for its wine, so don’t miss a tour and tasting at one of the local vineyards 

Mostly 2’s: Angel Falls, Venezuela

A beautiful falls in Guatemala, with water falling off of a tall rock cliff into a river below. The waterfall is called Angel Falls, and is featured in Jaya Travel & Tours quiz "Which Waterfall Should You Visit Quiz?"

If you got mostly 2’s, then the magnificent Angel Falls in Venezuela is the waterfall for you! The trek is filled with excitement and adventure, as it’s only reachable by river trip through the isolated jungle. What waits at the end is priceless, like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow 

A beautiful long-distance photo of the waterfall Angel Falls in Guatemala, which is surrounded by a forest and river. This is featured in Jaya Travel & Tours blog post about "Which Waterfall You Should Visit Quiz?"

Angel Falls is the tallest uninterrupted waterfall in the world, reaching 3,212 ft (979 m). Additionally, there are dozens of other tourist attractions nearby to get your blood pumping, like Canaima National Park which is perfect for adventures. 

Mostly 3’s: Dudhsagar Falls, India

The tallest waterfall in India,, Dudhsagar Falls, is flowing down a thick forest while a train on a railway track passes in-front of it. This image is featured in Jaya Travel & Tours blog article called "Which Waterfall Should You Visit?"

If you got mostly 3’s, then the mystical Dudhsagar Falls in India is for you! This site is actually fourtiers of waterfalls that plunge into the Mandovi River below. It’s one of India’s tallest waterfalls, but luckily, the trek isn’t as exhausting as it sounds 

A young boy in a yellow rain coat crouches on an empty railway without trails staring at the beautiful Dudhsagar Waterfalls in India. This image is featured on Jaya Travel & Tours blog article "Which waterfall Should You Visit Quiz?"

Although railway access has been closed off to the public, theres a trail where various hiking and driving tours are available. Don’t miss your chance to stop to admire the beauty of various temples around the city, paying special attention the intricate architecture and rich color. 

Mostly 4’s: Plitvice Falls, Croatia

The beautiful Plitvice Waterfalls in Croatia at the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The bright blue water and vibrant green trees are featured in Jaya Travel & Tours blog article called "Which Waterfall Should You Visit Quiz?"

If you got mostly 4’s, then the tremendous Plitvice Falls is the waterfall for you! Located in Croatia at the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park, this is actually a convergence of multiple smaller waterfalls. It’s so vast that it was split into the Lower Lakes and the Upper Lakes, each with a separate hiking trail exploring different waterfall clusters 

image 8 plitvice falls croatia jaya travel blog waterfall quiz boardwalk rain water waterfalls tour waterfall tours 1 A wooden board walk at Plitvice Falls National Park, which is in-front of the multiple waterfalls pouring into the bright blue water. This stunning site is featured in Jaya Travel & Tours blog article called "Which Waterfall Should You Visit Quiz?"

Mere feet below are beautiful Kast caves and underground rivers carved from millions of years of erosion. These beautiful buried systems can be toured, and Sky Bird highly recommends it! Those seeking a break from thundering waterfalls can enjoy a day trip to local horse ranches for adventure.  

Ready for Your Waterfall Adventure?

Now that you have a final destination and waterfall in mind, it’s time to plan your dream vacation! Contact Jaya Travel to book flights, hotels, tours, and more for discounted rates. Our dedicated travel agents can even help to fill your itinerary with waterfalls.

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