Weirdest Museums Around the World

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Picture yourself walking through a museum adorned with an array of toilet seats or exploring a captivating space entirely devoted to human hair. You might think such places only exist in your wildest imagination, but let Jaya Travel & Tours assure you, they are very much real. Brace yourself as we delve into a world of eccentricity and curiosity, where we unveil the weirdest museums across the globe.

From a whimsical cockroach collection to an enlightening food exhibition, Jaya Travel presents an extraordinary compilation of unconventional museums that will leave you in awe of human creativity and the depths of the peculiar.

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The Weirdest Museums Around the World

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, India

Located in the capital city of Delhi, India is the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets. The Museum has a rare collection of facts, pictures, and objects detailing the historic evolution of toilets from 2500 BC to date.

The exhibits are divided into three sections — ancient, medieval, and modern. It provides a chronological account of developments relating to technology, toilet-related social customs, toilet etiquettes, prevailing sanitary conditions, and legislative efforts of different times.

It has an extensive display of privies, chamber pots, toilet furniture, bidets, and water closets in use from 1145 AD to modern times. It also has a rare collection of beautiful poems related to the toilet, and their usage. 

Cockroach Hall Of Fame Museum, United States

Whether encountering one while hunting for a midnight snack or cleaning out the attic, seeing cockroaches is something most of us do not look forward to. However, meeting with the legendary roaches at the Cockroach Hall Of Fame Museum in Texas is something many people around the globe look forward to.

A fine addition to the list of weirdest museums around the world, this museum features a hilarious collection of dead cockroaches dressed as famous celebrities and idols. Located in an old pest-control business, you can see critters dressed up and posed as icons such as “Marilyn Monroach” and “Liberoachi!” 

Disgusting Food Museum, Sweden

The Disgusting Food Museum in Sweden is definitely one of the most bizarre museums across the globe. The museum breaks down barriers between cultures by showing that we all eat food that might appear disgusting to people from other cultures.

Guests can smell, see, and even taste around 80 absurd food items featuring a range of repulsive dishes. Some of the unique dishes tasting options here include roasted guinea pig from Peru, Kale Pache (a soup made from the head and hooves of cows) from the Middle East, and maggot-infested cheese from Sardinia. If you have a strong stomach, a trip to this interactive food museum is a must!

Avanos Hair Musuem, Turkey

The Avanos Hair Museum in Turkey is home to the hair of over 16,000 women from across the globe. Located in a small cave underneath a pottery shop, this strange museum was founded by a potter named Chez Galip whose friend left him a lock of her hair as a goodbye gift. Since then, women visiting the shop left behind locks of their hair — and you could be one of them!

Twice a year, in June and December, the first customer who comes to Galip’s shop is invited to choose ten winners off the walls. These lucky ten will receive an all-expenses-paid week-long vacation in beautiful Cappadocia, where they will get to participate in his pottery workshops, for free. 

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