Quiz: Which Active Volcano Should You Witness?

Scenic view of lava in the Fagradalsfjall active volcano in Iceland with hot magma running down the sides that can be seen on travel and tours.

Who’s excited for another Jaya travel quiz? People journey from all corners of the globe to experience the natural wonder of volcanos—but it’s tough to pick 1 destination when there are 1,350 active volcanos worldwide. Are you bursting under pressure to discover which one you should witness? Take our quiz below to discover the active volcano best suited to your personality!

On vacation . . .

      1. What trail will you take to the summit?
        1. 3 miles (5 kilometers)
        2. 7 miles (11 kilometers)
        3. 10 miles (16 kilometers)
        4. 5 miles (8 kilometers)
      2. What type of hike are you looking for?
        1. Something quick and easy
        2. I’m comfortable with a difficult trek
        3. A challenging hike with tough terrain
        4. Moderate, without too many challenges
      3. How much time will you spend there?
        1. 3 weeks
        2. 2 weeks
        3. The weekend
        4. 1 week
      4. What other activity is on your itinerary?
        1. Beach hopping along tropical islands
        2. Touring famous museums and historical sites
        3. Hiking mountains to hidden waterfalls
        4. Snorkeling or swimming with exotic animals
      5. What food will you snack on?
        1. Artisanal wines, cheeses, meats, and pastries
        2. Fresh fish, grilled meat, and juicy fruit
        3. I don’t have a particular preference
        4. Meat with spices and herbs, fresh olive oil, fruits and vegetables
      6. Who else is coming with you?
        1. My romantic partner
        2. I’m traveling solo
        3. The whole family
        4. All of my best friends
      7. Where are you spending the night?
        1. In a tropical villa
        2. At a cozy Airbnb
        3. Camping under the stars
        4. In a luxury hotel with a view of the volcano

The Final Results
Tally up your answers, and whichever letter has the highest count is the active volcano you should visit!

Mostly A’s: Mount Kilauea

The active volcano Mount Kilauea spills hot magma into the waters of Hawaii because the volcano is still erupting with magma and lava today.
Over time, eruptions elongated the underwater volcano until it finally reached out of the sea and into the air.

Mount Kilauea is in Volcanoes National Park, the southeastern part of Hawaii, where most of its body is still submerged. The volcano covers 579 sq mi (1,500 sq km)—compare this to the surface area of the Big Island, which covers 4,028 sq mi (10,433 sq km).

Don’t be scared to visit Mount Kilauea, historically the eruptions have been non-explosive and easily contained (except for the years 1790, 1955, 1975, and 1983). The deadliest eruption occurred in 1983 when activity inside the volcano broke open fissures that eventually built up into a terrifying 10 mi (15 km) long river of flowing lava. This lava flow lasted until the early 21st century and is considered the 12th longest flow duration in the world.

Mostly B’s: Mount Etna

Lava spews out of Mount Etna and magma drips down the sides of the active volcano in Sicily, Italy.
The ancient Greeks believed Mount Etna was home to Hephaestus, the God of craftsmen, because there was constantly molten lava spurting out of the top like sparks from an anvil.

The most famous volcano on our quiz, Mount Etna, covers 600 sq mi (1,555 sq km) of the east coast of Sicily. Its peak reaches over 10,000 ft into the air, making it the tallest active volcano in Europe! There are 3 different ecological zones from the top to the bottom of Mount Etna, and each zone has its own ecosystem.

There were 71 eruptions recorded from 1500-1669, 26 from 1669-1900, 15 from 1900-2000, and 8 since the year 2000. The most violent eruption occurred in 1669 when the volcano discharged 830 million cubic yards of lava over a dozen villages causing mass devastation and destruction.

Mostly C’s: Mount St. Helens

A scenic view of Mount St. Helens active volcano in Washington State USA, surrounded by a forest that was regrown after the last volcanic eruption with magma and lava.
Before the eruption, Mount St. Helen’s peak was over 5,000 ft (1500 m) tall and its base was 6 mi (10 km) wide.

Mount St. Helens is located in southwest Washington near the Cascade Mountain Range. The greatest volcanic eruption ever recorded in North America happened here on May 18th, 1980. Today, the land surrounding the volcano is known as the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.

On that day in 1980, Mount St. Helens had been building up pressure and magma when an earthquake with a 5.1 magnitude rocked Washington. This caused a part of the slope to break away, which kick-started lateral blasts, mudslides, pyroclastic flows, and floods that reached as far as 17 mi (27 km) away. A column of ash shot up and out of the volcano, covering the west coast with ashes and darkness. Thousands of animals and 57 people died, 200 homes were destroyed, and 185 mi (300 km) of highway were ruined.

Mostly D’s: Mount Teide

A scenic view of Mount Teide, an active volcano in Spain’s Canary Islands in the Teide National Park, hiding behind a mountain with lava and magma on the inside.
Roughly 43% of the total population of the Canary Islands live in the city of Tenerife, which is located dangerously close to the base of Mount Teide.

Mount Teide is situated in Spain’s Canary Islands in the Teide National Park—a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. Scientists have recently discovered that Teide erupts an average of 4 times every 1,000 years. Because of these statistics, they hypothesize it’ll violently erupt in the near future and cause catastrophic damage. The volcano boasts some jaw-dropping statistics: it stretches over 24,600 ft (7500 m) tall, the summit is 7,000 ft (2,100 m) above sea level, and the area around the volcano and park is roughly 47,000 ac (200 sq km).

Before the island was colonized, the aboriginal Guanches revered the mountain because, in their culture, it held up the sky. The forces of evil were also locked inside, including the most sinister of all—Guayota. According to Guanche’s legend, he’s being punished for kidnapping the sun and hiding it away in Mount Teide.

Active Volcano Adventure

So, did you discover which active volcano is best suited to your personality? Share your results in the comments!

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