Quiz: Where Should Your Next Bucket List Vacation Be?

Luxury overwater bungalow hotels at Tahiti resort in Bora Bora, French Polynesia travel with the beach and mountains in the background.

It’s time for a vacation travel quiz! The restrictions from Covid-19 have been lifted in most countries, leaving plenty of people ready to resume their world tours. The hardest part of planning a vacation, however, is choosing the final destination. It can often feel overwhelming to research locations because there are so many places to go. To discover which of those locations are naturally suited to your personality, take this quiz!

When it comes to vacation . . .

    1. What does your ideal itinerary include?
      1. Touring art galleries, walking through famous sites, and eating dinner in a cozy café
      2. Taking a morning swim, napping in a hammock, and watching the sunset on the water
      3. Hiking to a waterfall, taking a 4×4 jeep tour, and exploring local trails
      4. Shopping at chic boutiques, wine tasting at a vineyard, and taking a boat tour
    2. What time do you wake up?
      1. 8 am, so I can drink a cup of coffee
      2. Whenever I naturally wake up
      3. I want to be awake to watch the sunrise
      4. I like to sleep in until 10 am
    3. What’s your biggest concern when planning a trip?
      1. Not scheduling enough activities
      2. Avoiding large crowds
      3. Maintaining your budget
      4. Becoming overwhelmed during planning
    4. What are your ideal weather conditions?
      1. Moderate with heavy clouds
      2. Hot with a light breeze
      3. Cool with clear skies
      4. Moderate with the sun shining
    5. What food will you snack on?
      1. Artisanal wines, cheeses, meats, and pastries
      2. Fresh fish, grilled meat, and juicy fruit
      3. I don’t have a particular preference
      4. Meat with spices and herbs, fresh olive oil, fruits and vegetables
    6. What type of traveler are you?
      1. I learn about the local history and culture
      2. I chill out and enjoy the new scenery
      3. I plan hikes and day trips to all of the National Parks
      4. I explore the city and discover the cool sites
    7. Who else is coming with you?
      1. All of my best friends
      2. Just my romantic partner
      3. My whole family (pet dog included)
      4. I’m traveling solo
    8. Where are you staying overnight?
      1. A luxurious five-star hotel
      2. Above the ocean in a bungalow
      3. Camping under the night sky
      4. An Airbnb with lots of space
    9. How long will you be gone for?
      1. Three weeks
      2. Two weeks
      3. A long weekend
      4. One week
    10. How do you feel about crowds?
      1. I don’t mind them at all!
      2. I try to avoid people when possible
      3. Keep me away!
      4. Crowds don’t bother me, but I don’t want to be pushed around
  1. The Final Results
    Tally up your answers, and whichever letter has the highest count is your next bucket list vacation!

Mostly A’s: Paris, France

The tourist spot Eiffel Tower stands tall in front of a sunset in Paris, France against a romantic travel tours vacation background.
The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of France and can be seen from various points around the city.

Paris is an amazing destination for experiencing some of the world’s finest art, food, and history. You can check off multiple bucket list items by exploring the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the enchanted Disneyland Paris. Some of the greatest, and oldest, works of art are on display at museums like the Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre Museum, and the Musée Marmottan Monet. At night, head off to Moulin Rouge—a legendary cabaret club with lively performances.

Mostly B’s: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Luxury overwater bungalows at Tahiti resort in Bora Bora, French Polynesia where a woman is going to do leisure watersport recreational activities from a private hotel room on the island vacation.
The crystal clear water and overwater bungalows set Bora Bora apart from other tropical islands.

If you fantasize about dozing off in a hammock with the sun warming your face and waves crashing beside you, then Bora Bora is your dream destination. There are endless water activities, like diving, snorkeling with sharks, exploring the reefs, and petting live animals. If you’re looking to explore on land, then book a jeep tour, find a bar with the local beer Hiano, or hike up Mount Pahia. Whether you stay in an overwater bungalow, spa & resort, or a luxury hotel, you will have a serene night of sleep.

Mostly C’s: Yosemite, United States

The beautiful mountains, forests, and waterfalls of Yosemite National Park draw thousands of visitors to the USA every season, specifically El Captain Mountain that is beautiful to vacation, tour, and travel.
The beautiful mountains, forests, and waterfalls of Yosemite National Park draw thousands of visitors every season.

Adventurers of all ages and backgrounds flock to Yosemite annually to experience all of its natural beauty. Drive along a scenic highway, hike to a hidden waterfall, picnic at the foot of a mountain—the possibilities are endless. If you’re seeking a bigger thrill, then try whitewater rafting, fly fishing, or mountain biking. At night, you can camp under the stars or stay in a hotel near the National Park.

Mostly D’s: Santorini, Greece

A seaside beautiful view of the white buildings with blue domed roofs while on vacation in Oia village, Santorini island in Greece, a beautiful spot for travel and tours of the Mediterranean.
A warm sunset over the city of Oia, highlighting the iconic white buildings with blue domed roofs.

It’s likely that you have already seen pictures of Santorini’s famous whitewashed buildings covered with blue dome roofs! This site, and dozens of others around the island, are perfect for wandering around and capturing nature photography. One of the most notable spots is Oia, where you can hike to a breathtaking view of the entire city. At night, this walk is especially picturesque because the electric lights create a soft glow on the white buildings. During the day, you can discover the culture in town or take a tour one a world-famous winery.

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