Enchanting Egypt – Journey Through the Land of Ancient Royalty

Cairo | Saqqara | Aswan | Kom Ombo | Edfu | Luxor​​

8 days | 7 nights


Egypt remains one of the most fascinating travel destinations. Throughout history, its ancient wonders have attracted travelers and archaeologists worlds over. From the famous sites of ancient Aswan and Luxor to the bustling bazaars of Cairo and Saqqara, this fascinating 8-day enchanting Egypt tour package takes you back in time. Embark on this incredible journey to experience Egypt – its beautiful sites and historical secrets will be etched in your heart forever.

The Highlights

  • 3 nights hotel accommodation
  • 1 night train accommodation
  • 3 nights cruise ship accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • All domestic flights for tours
  • All gratuities, entrance fees, and admissions
  • Private Egyptologist tour guide throughout the trip
  • All meals included
  • All applicable taxes and VAT

The Experience

Arrive at The Cairo Airport. Your Jaya Travel ambassador will take you through the passport control area, assist with your luggage and customs, and transfer you to the hotel in Giza.

Start your day with a Saqqara tour — Including the necropolis of Memphis and home of the Step Pyramid, the first limestone structure ever built! On a Egypt pyramid tour, your group will descend into thousands of years old tombs to view the colorful wall paintings. Another amazing experience is touring inside the pyramids to see the ancient Hieroglyphic engravings!

After lunch in a local restaurant, visit the Pyramids of Giza, the only surviving Wonder of the World. Then, you’ll stand face to face with the Sphinx—a creature with a human’s intelligence and lion’s strength. The remainder of the day is at your leisure to enjoy.

In the morning, check out from your hotel. Then, tour the Grand Egyptian Museum — the largest museum in the world for one single civilization. You’ll stand face-to-face with the Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun (1332-1323 BC). It’s hard to NOT be dazzled by the amount of treasures and artifacts this museum holds.

After lunch, you’ll take an Islamic Cairo tour on the old streets; tour El Muizz Street, an open-air museum filled with medieval treasures; and explore the winding alleyways of the major souk in the district, Khan El Khalili market.

After the tour, head to the train station to begin a true cultural experience on the overnight sleeper train.

After a nighttime train ride through Egypt, you’ll arrive at the Aswan Train Station. The tour guide will take you to the Temple of Isis, dedicated to the goddess of love and passion, located on the island of Philae. Then check into the Egypt cruise, eat lunch on-board, and take a leisurely Nile felucca ride in a sailboat. Overnight on the cruise ship.

Enjoy breakfast as you’re cruising down the Nile, then disembark for today’s exciting tours! You’ll visit the Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to the crocodile and the falcon gods; the Crocodile Mummification Museum, where you’ll see thousands of years old crocodile mummies; and the Temple of Horus at Edfu, the best-preserved temple from the ancient world. Lunch will be served onboard the cruise ship.

The rest of the afternoon is at your leisure to enjoy, and overnight on the cruise ship.

Start your day with a tour of the Valley of the Kings, hidden behind the mountains on the west bank of the Nile. Next, head to the Temple of Hatshepsut, dedicated to the most famous female pharaoh in Egypt (1479-1458 BC). Have a professional photo taken next to the huge Colossi of Memnon.

After lunch, visit the Temple of Karnak, the largest religious complex ever built for a god. The temple was dedicated to Amon Ra, the chief creator God in Egyptian mythology. Then you’ll tour the Temple of Luxor, predominantly built by Pharaoh Ramses II (1279-1213 BC). Overnight on the cruise ship.

Fly back to Cairo and head to the Coptic area. Here, you’ll visit one of the oldest churches in the world—The Hanging Church, built on top of an ancient fortress. Visit the Church of St. Sergius, the place where the Holy Family hid from king Herod during their flight to Egypt. See Ben Ezra Synagogue, the place where baby Moses was found by the daughter of the pharaoh. After lunch, spend your day relaxing at the hotel near the airport.

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your flight with your heart filled with memories of Egypt.

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