Why Your Next Cruise Needs to Be a River Cruise

By September 13, 2016Travel
Seeing a different side of a city is why your next cruise needs to be a river cruise.

River cruises are gaining popularity because they allow for navigation in tighter waterways giving passengers the opportunity to experience the historic towns and lush landscapes that aren’t accessible on ocean liners.

Imagine cruising down a romantic European waterway seeing the castles, mountains and beautiful cities of Vienna or Prague. Or maybe Myanmar is more your idea of adventure where you can discover ancient monasteries, temples and the Golden City of Mandalay.
Here are some reason you should consider a river cruise:

More Intimate Setting

River Cruise2Stepping aboard a massive ocean liner with 4,000 people can be overwhelming. A river cruise offers a cozier feel with considerably less guests; under 200. You may not have a rock-climbing wall on your river cruise but you’re still likely to have a pool, gym and plenty of on-board offerings.
Small crowds also means less wait time for disembarking at ports and less time waiting for food while onboard.

Great View

MoselFor the most part, a river cruise is only going to have a room with a view. An ocean liner may have rooms with no windows or a room with just a window that doesn’t open. More often than not, you can expect a river cruise to have a stunning room with an incredible view.
And you can see more! An ocean cruise places you out to sea where you’re surrounded by water most of the time and land is not visible. A river cruise can navigate through tighter waterways so you’ll be able to see mountains, historic cities and other inspiring landscapes 24/7.


A river cruise will port right in the heart of a city. Most of the beautiful and historic cities in Europe are nestled along rivers inside the continent. These settings are generally favored by those looking for more urban areas to explore and often feature excursions that are already included in the fare of the cruises.

No Kids, probably

Whether you’re looking for a trip away from the kids or you want to hang out on the deck without kids running around and driving you crazy, a river cruise is often designed for a mature crowd due to its slower pace.
While river cruises can be family-friendly, you won’t find the waterslides or cartoon characters onboard. Kids do go on river cruises but it’s not designed the same way a major ocean cruise would be.
 River Cruise1
There are many reasons to love a river cruise. Not only can you access major cities but you can also decide on a themed cruise. If you’re a wine connoisseur then a wine-themed river cruise can get you close to sommeliers, allowing you to taste new wines and even enjoy meals with wine paired perfectly with your entrée.
Experience the excitement and joys of flowing down a gentle waterway with exquisite views when you opt-in for a river cruise.

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