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When you think of hotels, you probably think of five-star hotels in the heart of New York City or Paris. You wouldn’t expect to find hotels hidden among a tea plantation, in a repurposed airplane, or carved into pre-historic rocks. As it turns out, some of the most unique hotels are found in the most unlikely places.

Hotel H2O

Manila, Philippines

Guests who book here will have to share their room with fish! Each room is decked out with its own giant aquarium. Tanks hold dozens of different fish and give a touch of underwater serenity to each room. You’ll find the modern, neutral colored aesthetics of the interior design are pleasantly contrasted by the cerulean, emerald green, and violets of the aquariums. Additional amenities include Sandalwood marble, feather and down blankets, a business center, fitness room, and several dining options for palates of every variety.

Club H2O offers a splendid view of Manila Bay and has a full array of spa treatments so you can rejuvenate your body without ever leaving the hotel. Traditional Japanese techniques are used to promote natural healing and wellness. Going along with the fish theme, one spa treatment immerses you with many small fish that gently tickle you as they clean away dead skin cells.

For dining, be sure to visit the Makan Makan Asian food village. You’ll feel like you’re out getting street food, but the quality is stellar and features pan-Asian cuisine.

Talk about a room with a view! Photo: Hotel H2O Facebook.

Talk about a room with a view! Photo: Hotel H2O Facebook.


Hotel Costa Verde

Quepos, Costa Rica

Costa Verde combines luxury with a flair of adventure. 70 rooms have been constructed amongst the jungle and ridges so you’ll feel fully embraced by the rainforest every moment you’re there. If an individual bungalow is too tame for you, consider the Boeing 727 suite! At first glance, it seems like a plane crashed into the jungle, but don’t worry, it’s just the design. Created from a scrapped 1965 Boeing 727, the interior has been remodeled with Costa Rican teakwood and furniture is handmade and imported from Java, Indonesia.

For dining, there are 4 different restaurants on site. Chef Roberto Mora Calderón, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, oversees the culinary operations using his 20 years of experience. Anaconda Restaurant offers a casual dining experience nestled between a cliff on one side and the jungle on the other. La Cantina has a wood fired BBQ and features live reggae and Latin music. If you want to keep with the plane theme, stop by El Avión, a bar and restaurant made from a converted C-123 Fairchild aircraft.

A repurposed Boeing 727 is now a luxury suite! Photo: Costa Verde Facebook.

A repurposed Boeing 727 is now a luxury suite! Photo: Costa Verde Facebook.


Kagga Kama

Cederberg, South Africa

Kagga Kama may be the closest you’ll ever get to replicating how our ancient human ancestors lived in caves. Nestled into the Cederberg Mountains, you’ll find three different kinds of suites – one of which is man-made cave dwellings! Integrated into the natural landscape, each cave suite includes a shower, tea and coffee bar, and an open terrace.

They also offer hut suites and open air suites. (Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is.) Huts incorporate native architecture and elements of the cave suites. These hut suites are ideal for families traveling with children as they have both double beds and twin beds.

Open air suites allow you to sleep under the stars, weather permitting, and enjoy the immense, unbroken landscape and night sky without interruption.

Resort facilities include a nearby airfield, restaurant and bar, and swimming pools. As part of your stay, you may wish to go on an optional excursion. You’ll have multiple to choose from including morning and night safaris, rock art tours, star gazing tours, and quad bike treks.

Kagga Kamma open air suite is one of the most unique boutique hotels

Open air suites let you sleep under the stars! Photo: Kagga Kamma Facebook.


Glenburn Tea Estate

Darjeeling, India

It’s incredible to think that tea could grow so high up in the mountains, but it does! Darjeeling has long been famous for its special variety of tea, and you’ll learn all about it when you stay at the Glenburn estate. Begun in 1859, Glenburn was inspired by the vineyards of Europe. You’ll be amazed by how much you’ll learn from these expert tea growers. In addition to enjoying tea to your heart’s content, you’ll have plenty of beautiful scenery on which to feast your eyes. Birds and butterflies thrive here and frequent the plethora of gardens surrounding the guest bungalows and suites.

Food here is made to each individual’s taste and the estate can easily accommodate every kind of guest. Dishes incorporate elements of Indian, Southeast Asian, and European cuisine. Cookies, cakes, bread, and marmalade are made on-site!

Glenburn’s “Tea Experience” is an experience that can be 1.5 to 3 hours depending on your preference. You’ll be treated to an audio-visual presentation on local history, a tour of the factory where you’ll learn how tea is harvested, weighed, dried, and rolled. To complete the excursion, you’ll sample a variety of teas!

The Glenburn Tea Estate is nestled into the Himalayas, high above Darjeeling. Photo: Glenburn Tea Estate Facebook.

The Glenburn Tea Estate is nestled into the Himalayas, high above Darjeeling. Photo: Glenburn Tea Estate Facebook.


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