Trivia Thursday: Is It Rosewater

By October 17, 2019Travel, Trivia Thursday

Dive into Today’s #TriviaThursday! We’ll warn you, this lake is so salty you’ll float right back to the top. Okay, that first hint is a freebie. In our Trivia Thursday series, we test your knowledge by giving you three clues relating to the world’s fascinating phenomena.

Read the clues below and guess the name of this unique lake, then scroll down to see if you’re correct.

Clue no. 1

To the locals, this small body of water is known as Le Lac Rose.


Clue no. 2

Tourists from all over the world travel to this lake to witness its bizarre pink hue.


Clue no. 3

Aside from being known for its color, this lake is also known for its high salt content comparable to the Dead Sea.


And the answer is…



Lake Retba in Sénégal, Africa

There are a couple things about Lake Retba that demand a double-take. Firstly, its unmistakably pink color resembles a puddle of Pepto Bismol, with 0.5 miles of beach between it and the very blue Atlantic Ocean. Its unique hue is caused by the only organism that manages to survive in the lake’s waters: Dunaliella salina algae. This bacteria produces a red pigment in order to help it absorb light and thrive, especially during the dry season (November to June) when the lake is at its pinkest.

Secondly, Lake Retba’s shores are lined by salt piles that look like snow banks (which is odd to see in an environment that rarely drops below 60 degrees). Lake Retba’s high salt content does more than boost tourism in what would be a relatively lifeless environment. Located on the northwestern coast of Sénégal near the Cap-Vert peninsula, Retba is a critical source of salt to the locals. Salt collectors can be seen gathering salt by hand and storing it in baskets, later using it to preserve fish and as a cooking ingredient.

Salt piles at Lake Retba

Lake Retba’s salt content is as high as 40% in some areas. Salt piles resembling snow banks form on its shores and are collected by salt collectors.


Lodging at Lake Retba

Despite being only 18 miles outside of Sénégal’s capital, Dakar, city bustle has not infiltrated Lake Retba’s charming surroundings. There are, however, scads of lodging accommodations sprinkled along its circumference. While you’d think this risks distraction from the natural beauty, each hotel is designed to reflect its exotic surroundings. Gite du Lac, for example, houses its guests in charming bamboo bungalows on the lake’s shores or the dunes. Camping Nomade Sénégal is the area’s first eco-tourism hotel. Colorful hand-painted huts cover this community camp ground. Hôtel le Trarza is like its own little jungle village, its facilities scattered among lush tropical gardens.

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