Top 10 Destination: Malawi

A sunny day and tropical sandy beach with boats on the ocean in Malawi, Africa. This is one of the top 10 destinations of 2023 travel guide from Jaya Travel & Tours.

Malawi is a top vacation destination for first-time tourists to Africa, or for anyone who enjoys nature and outdoor activities. The tiny country boasts an astonishing amount of scenic diversity, from the peaceful Lake Malawi to the majestic heights of Mt. Mulanje. Not to be forgotten are the Malawians — some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

In the first of the top travel destination series, Jaya lists the best travel spots in the world for 2023. This travel guide to Malawi explains the most popular activities for any Africa vacation package.

Top Activities in Malawi, Africa

Majete Wildlife Reserve

Thanks to the magnificent work done by the African Parks conservation organization, Malawi’s parks have been restored after decades of horrific poaching, making them an excellent place to observe wildlife on an African safari tour. The reintroduction of lions and construction of a high fence all around the reserve puts it on the map of the most popular places to see in Africa.

The dry season, which lasts from April to August, is the best time to visit Malawi if you want to see wildlife. We recommend booking the accommodations beforehand so as to avoid any disappointment. 

Nkhata Bay

A beautiful shot of Lake Malawi Beach in Nkhata Bay in Africa. The beach is tropical with orange flowers blooming, a perfect sight from the top 10 destinations Jaya Travel & Tours.

Probably one of the most exciting things to do when traveling to Malawi is sailing through the Butterfly Space in Nkhata Bay. Riding through the waves is extremely thrilling and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Visitors enjoy feeding the country’s bird, the African Fish Eagle, from the lake’s islands in the Nkhatabay district. Other times, visitors simply observe the eagles soaring above the water while catching fish directly from Lake Malawi.

Travelers can also tour traditional African communities, such as Usisya and Rurawe, and take part in cultural performances like Malipenga dances.  


Those who travel to Malawi frequently pass through Mzuzu unnoticed. The largest “city” in the north has a population of over 220 thousand, and maintains the feel of a little town.

The largest vegetable and clothing market is called the Main Market, and is situated in front of the ShopRite Supermarket. Although its small, it’s really beautiful. Satisfy your shopping cravings here at Mzuzu and carry back authentic souvenirs as a memory from your Malawi travel. 

Mount Mulanje

In the distance, Mulanje Masstif Mountain rises over the grasslands in Malawi, Africa. This is a top 10 destination of 2023 according to jaya travel & tours.

The magnitude of this incredible mountain must be seen to be comprehended. It dwarfs anything around it with its bare granite flanks that rise to 10,000 ft (3,000 m).

Deep clefts striking back into the mountain’s core are the consequence of erosion by rivers following lines of weakness in the rock. The resulting environment is breathtakingly gorgeous, with rivers, waterfalls, gorges, basins, and at least 20 peaks higher than 8,000 ft (2,500 m).

Local myths and stories are common around Mulanje, which is only fitting for an ominous, and occasionally unforgiving, mountain. Visitors would be advised to thank these spirits in the hopes of making a successful ascent.

Zulunkhuni River Lodge

Imagine an unreachable and perfectly unspoiled cove. Now, imagine yourself in a forest with crystal-clear cascading waterfalls, where all of your needs are catered to.

The best place to visit in Malawi could be the lakeshore with the least amount of development between Nkhata Bay and Chitimba. This is a result of the region’s distinctive terrain, which has steep, forested escarpments and thundering waterfalls and makes the location an ecologists’ heaven rather than a road builder’s nightmare.

From waterfall hikes to fishing tours and snorkeling, village tours, trips to the local herbalist and rock climbing amongst other fun activities, you won’t be bored for a moment during your stay.  

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After reading about the most popular activities in Malawi, Africa, are you ready to explore the real thing? Contact Jaya Travel and well help you plan the perfect vacation package to Malawi this holiday season. Ready to discover different locations? Stay tuned for more articles from our top  travel destinations of 2023 series.

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