Southern India’s Wine Paradise

By December 13, 2017Dining

Welcome to our Wine Wednesday series, where each post highlights a fascinating wine region around the world! If you’re a wine connoisseur looking for your next dream vacation, keep reading to learn about Nandi Hills in southern India. It’s the perfect wine-lover package: ideal weather, beautiful scenery, and amazing wine.

Wine Wednesday: 4 Fantastic Wineries in Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills

The Nandi Hills are about 30 miles north of Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, a small southern state in India, best known for Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. Its nearly tropical latitude may at first make it seem like an unlikely home for premium vineyards; however, this weather is offset by its altitudes, going up as high as 3,300 feet above sea level. This consistent but not overwhelming warmth means that grape vines can grow nearly year round. Days are usually warm and sunny, followed by cooler nights, which creates a slow and steady ripening process and ensures that grapes are given the necessary time to fully develop flavor and acidity.

When should you visit

Best time to go: November – April

This is the official wine season for the region.

Worst time to go: June – September

This is when the region gets its heaviest rainfall thanks to the annual South Asian Monsoon.

Grapes grow in abundance thanks to the ideal climate! Photo: iStock.


Where you should visit 

Nandi Hills boasts several first-rate vineyards that offer wine tours and, of course, tastings! If the idea of a beautiful, temperate, and delicious wine experience sounds like something you would enjoy, you have to visit these top wineries in Nandi Hills.

Grover Zampa Vineyards

Grover Zampa is by far the best-known vineyard in the region. Established by Kanwal Grover and Georges Vesselle in 1988, its success has only grown over time. Their wine has been significantly influenced by veteran French winemaker and consultant Michel Rolland. His influence, along with an unwavering dedication to quality, has helped Grover Zampa win an incredible 82 awards in the past 4 years alone. They also offer personal tours, where visitors can see the entirety of the winemaking process and taste some of the many vineyard offerings.

Bangalore Soma Vineyards

A little to the north of Grover Zampa, Bangalore Soma Vineyards is also a staple in the southern India wine community. Its location is absolutely stunning. Views of soaring mountain peaks and serene lake waters surround the picturesque vineyards, creating a special atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. Visitors who participate in Soma’s tours and tastings will get an exclusive opportunity to try wines that can only be enjoyed at the vineyard itself! Just keep in mind that they don’t allow walk-ins, so if you want to visit be sure to book ahead of time.

See the process of winemaking from vineyard to bottling (and try some yourself!). Photo: Adobe Stock


Nandi Valley Winery Pvt. Ltd.

This winery is closer to Bangalore than Grover or Soma Vineyards, so for those not wanting to stray too far from the city to get a first-rate wine experience, Nandi Valley Winery is a great option! They offer a wide variety of wines under the brand name “Kinvah.” Tours here are about three hours long and start at 11:30 am. Visitors will learn about wine history and cultivation and get to see it in action all the way from the vineyard to the bottling and label process. They ask that bookings are made at least one day in advance.

SDU Winery

SDU Winery is the farthest north of all four wineries, but it’s definitely worth the trip! Their wine brand, Deva (which means “divine” in Sanskrit), truly lives up to its name. Be sure to try their Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Chardonnay varieties, all influenced by veteran winemaker Andrea Valentinuzzi. Their impressive wine tank facility is one of the most advanced in India. If the weather is nice, take advantage of their open-air tasting so you can appreciate the stunning scenery with your wine.

How You Should Visit

If any of these Nandi Hills wine tours sound like the perfect way to spend your next vacation, Jaya Travel & Tours is here to help. Give us a call today and we’ll handle all the details from initial bookings to the return flight home. Happy travels!




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