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It’s quiz time, everyone! Don’t worry, this is one of those fun quizzes where you can’t be wrong and there are no grades. Just suggestions that help you choose where to travel next. Today, we’re focusing on which Slovenian mountain you should hike in the Julian Alps.


The Julian Alps’ Multiple Mountains

The Julian Alps is a mountain range in Slovenia bordered by the top right cuff of Italy’s boot. It is home to Slovenia’s one and only national park, Triglav, and the Soca River, which slices through its top half. This clump of mountains lends terrain to the majority of Slovenia’s reputable outdoor activities. One, you may have guessed, is hiking. Although searching “hikes to take in Slovenia” heeds plenty of Google results, the short quiz below provides a fun and interactive way to summit a decision.

Keep tally of the letters that appeal to your interests and add them at the end to reveal which Slovenian mountain you should hike:


First, what kind of mountain trek are you looking for?

A. Something challenging that will put my physical and mental fitness to the ultimate test!

B. Something with variety so I don’t get bored hiking for hours.

C. I want to see something cool on this trek!


How much time do you have?

A. Loads of time! Days even!

B. I’m looking for a day hike.

C. I have plans later, so a couple of hours tops.


Are you afraid of heights?

A. Nope, I’m ready to replicate scenes from Cliffhanger!

B. Not as long as I can stay well away from the edge.

C. You bet!


What kind of reputation are you looking for in a mountain?

A. One that will earn me honorable status with the locals and those who know of the mountain.

B. I’d like it to be known as one of the most beautiful treks in the country.

C. I like my mountains to be associated with a cool legend. I love mythical stories!


What are you most interested in seeing during a hike?

A. I want to tower over all of Slovenia! Seeing some mountain huts would be cool too.

B. Cool sights like bridges, deep gorges, panoramic views of the Alps, etc. I need new desktop backgrounds.

C. Very little incline and cool rock formations.


Does your ideal mountain hike require technical climbing?

A. Hopefully! I have the equipment.

B. No, I’d rather keep my gear minimal.

C. What’s technical climbing?


How would you describe your mountaineering skill level?

A. Intermediate – expert

B. Moderate – intermediate

C. I’m just hoping for a walk in the woods.


What will be important to you when planning this trip?

A. Low airfare. I spent most of my money on climbing gear.

B. 24/7 support. I like to have a contact if things don’t go according to plan.

C. Itinerary planning. I want to know what else I can do in Slovenia besides hike.

Tally your results!


Mostly A’s: Mount Triglav or Slovenian Mountain Trail

Peak of Mount Triglav in Slovenia

Mount Triglav is the highest point in the Julian Alps.


Mount Triglav is the highest peak in Slovenia at 9,396 feet (2,864 meters). That being said, reaching the summit is going to be time consuming and challenging. Although it’s possible to hustle to the top in one day, it’s recommended you give yourself two. Many put climbing Triglav on their bucket list because it’s Slovenia’s most reputable mountain. Summiting it is said to give you coveted “Slov” status.

There are many approaches to Mount Triglav, which can be chosen based on how big of a challenge you’re looking for. Confident climbers may want to start from Vrata Valley Trail. This is dubbed the hardest trail to ascend and requires the use of via ferratas (cables and holds that aid climbers). The views accompanying the journey are said to be the most stunning of the mountain’s trails. Starting at Krma Valley or Zadnjica Valley on the other hand, are said to be easy routes.

Have more time? Take 30 days to hike the 599-kilometer Slovenian Mountain Trail. You’ll get your shot at topping many more mountain peaks and still get a chance at Triglav when you pass through the Julian Alps.


Mostly B’s: Mount Mangart or the Soca Trail

View from atop Mount Mangart

Mount Mangart is right at the border of Italy and Slovenia.


We have a couple options for you here and both serve as a rewarding day hike. If reaching great heights is important to you, Mount Mangart is Slovenia’s third highest mountain at 8,789 feet (2,679 meters). Nestled between Italy and Slovenia, looking south from its summit provides a vast view of the Julian Alps. Looking north reveals Italy. Summiting Mount Mangart knocks two countries off your bucket list at once because you’ll literally be standing on the edge of both. Plus, the views are unbeatable.

The Soca Trail follows Slovenia’s famous Soca River, a prime spot for whitewater rafting. The trail begins from the Soca River’s spring in Trenta and runs 25 kilometers west to Bovec. The entire trail can take up to eight hours and crosses enchanting foot bridges, breathtaking gorges, and attractions like the Alpinum Juliana botanical garden. Because there is so much to see on the trail, factor time into your trek for sightseeing. If you don’t have the time to hike the full 25 kilometers, the Soca Trail is very customizable to your schedule and hiking shorter sections will not rob you of its beauty.


Mostly C’s: Path of the Pagan Girl

Pagan GIrl's face carved into the mountain

You can see the Pagan Girl’s face carved into Mount Prisank.


There are a lot of things to do in Slovenia, so we understand if you can’t devote all your time to hiking its majestic mountains. That’s why the Path of the Pagan Girl is a perfect hike for those who want to experience the Julian Alps without sacrificing more than a couple of hours. The full path is about 2.5 kilometers and reaches an elevation of 253 feet.

An eerily lifelike face formed in the northern face of Mount Prisank attracts avid and novice hikers. Legend believes it to be the face of a maiden fate deity called Ajdovska Deklica. As the story goes, she helped travelers find their way to Trenta through the mountain’s unforgiving blizzards. She also foretold prophesies, which would condemn her to her stone fate later: After predicting that a baby from Trenta would grow to become a skilled hunter and kill a Goldhorn, a legendary creature of Slovenia, other fate deities became upset. In rage, they turned the Pagan Girl to stone, cementing her face in the mountainside forever. Also a great photo opp!


And for question 8:

Whether you chose A, B, C, or all of the above (that wasn’t an option, but you get it), Jaya Travel covers all of them. Start by calling Jaya today for a free quote on your next voyage.

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