Monday Motivation: Turquoise Waterfalls

By April 30, 2018Monday Motivation

Need some Monday Motivation? Check out this hidden gem near Moalboal, Philippines. The beautiful turquoise waters of Kawasan Falls are perfect for a relaxing day trip surrounded by lush, tropical jungle.


Kawasan Falls, Philippines

About three hours south of Cebu City lies Kawasan Falls, a series of pristine waterfalls that are perfect for swimming, rafting, hiking, and exploring.

The brilliant turquoise waters make Kawasan Falls a must-see on your trip to Cebu!


How to Get There

Take one of the frequent buses that departs Cebu City in the north or Oslob in the south.


What’s there to do

Day Trip or Weekend Getaway

If you’re looking for a day trip, this is a great reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life. Table rentals allow you to take the ultimate picnic! If you’re looking to stay for the weekend, that can easily be arranged as well. There are several cottages for overnight rentals.

Outdoor Fun

Rent a bamboo raft, float under the falls, and enjoy a back massage from Mother Nature. As mentioned above, the falls are actually a series of waterfalls so you can hike between them if you’re up for exploring the area. They’re about a 15 minute walk apart so make sure to bring a good pair of shoes, water, and sunscreen. If you’re a seasoned adventurer, you may want to hire a guide and go on a canyoneering tour. They’ll provide you with life jackets and helmets for safe but fun exploration. Pro tip: hiking near the falls means crossing slippery terrain and a close proximity with mist. Make sure to wear clothes you’re comfortable getting wet.

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at cliff jumping, this is your chance! Due to varying heights of the falls, you can jump from as little as one meter high, all the way up to ten meters. It’s perfect for first timers or those looking for an adrenaline rush.

However you choose to do Kawasan Falls, don’t forget to enjoy a fresh coconut drink! Vendors will crack a fresh coconut and serve you the water inside. It’s the best way to quench your thirst after a romp in the jungle!

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