Monday Motivation: Todra Gorge, Morocco

By April 1, 2019Monday Motivation, Travel

Begin the week with some Monday Motivation! In this series, we point out some of the world’s most salubrious places to visit while traveling. Today, we’re hitching a ride to Todra Gorge to feast our eyes on Morocco’s highest and narrowest canyons.

Todra Gorge, Eastern High Atlas Mountains

Carved by Waterworks

The reason Morocco has had more appearances in travel blogs is because it answers the trending plea to “see something different.” The Todra (also spelled “Todgha”) Gorge is brought to us by a team effort between the Dades and Todra rivers. While the two have carved about 25 miles of canyon walls, Todra Gorge refers to the last 600 meters where the walls narrow to 10 meters (32 feet) apart.


Putting the “Gorge” in “Gorgeous”

Road to Todra Gorge

You can reach the last 600 meters of Todra Gorge by taking R703 about 9.25 miles out of the base town, Tinerhir.


Accessible by motor vehicle via R703 or by day trek from the base town of Tinerhir, the awe-inspiring nature of Todra Gorge is available to all. With 500-foot walls encompassing visitors on either side, it’s praised as an example of nature’s raw power and unyielding beauty. Oftentimes, these gorgeous walls serve as the backdrop for pop-up shops selling colorful scarves and other Moroccan souvenirs.

Todra Gorge has scads of characteristics that attract travelers: Deserted Kasbahs among the canyon walls captivate history buffs; bolted sectors invite rock climbers to scale its towering cliffs; the long, paved road is paradise for motorists to cruise through; and, for those simply looking for a reminder of how beautiful our majestic planet is, the valley welcomes free-range wanderers.

Unlike treks we’ve discussed in previous blogs, Todra Gorge isn’t a place you go to experience raw seclusion. The attraction receives a steady amount of passersby, some more adventurous than others. You can distance yourself from the bustle by venturing along paths off the main road, but do so with savvy. Hills can be steep and technical, so keep physical safety at the forefront of your exploration.



Veteran travelers recommend giving yourself a few hours at Todra Gorge to absorb its majesty. While you won’t need Everest-level supplies for Todra’s scenic treks, pack a water bottle and jacket for the excursion. Its weather has surprised visitors who underestimate how hot or cold it can get in the High Atlas Mountains.

Visiting Todra Gorge during Morocco’s dry season (June – August) is advised, but that’s where temperatures reach toward 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s very important to stay hydrated, especially in the higher altitude. On the same day, temperatures can plummet at nightfall. That’s why you should pack a jacket, or you may find yourself running back to a shop vendor near the entrance to purchase an emergency scarf.

Shops at Todra Gorge

Vendors set up shop near Todra Gorge’s towering entrance. While some claim the gorge is ruined by tourism, we don’t think anything threatens to outshine its powerful presence.


Morocco’s blend of history and diverse landscape paired with its “less traveled” appeal is attracting more travelers to the North African country. Before it gets too crowded, call Jaya Travel & Tours to customize your own Moroccan adventure and score low airfare in the process. Call today!

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