Traveling with friends and family can be awesome. Maybe you’re volunteering together in Africa. Maybe you’re making a religious pilgrimage together. Whatever the case may be, traveling with a large group can add more meaning and fun to your trip, right? Right!

So why dampen your fun by trying to plan the trip yourself? If you’re planning a trip with 10 or more people, the logistics can be very stressful. It’s hard enough getting 10 people to agree on pizza toppings let alone hotel accommodations. We’ll make sure everything is to your liking, no matter how big the group, no matter the type of trip. In fact, we have a whole department dedicated to groups.

Study abroad programs? Educational trips? Our team speaks over 25 languages. We’ll make sure everyone has an A+ experience.

When it’s your Big Day, you should be focused on your new life together – not booking airline tickets and hotels.

When your team needs to travel, we’ll make sure the travel itinerary takes home the gold.

Volunteering should be a rewarding experience. We’ll make sure your group gets the lowest airfare so bringing relief doesn’t break the bank.

Wherever your religious pilgrimage takes you, we’ll take care of the details so you can focus on the experience.

Feel like a yoga retreat? We’ll handle all the stressful parts of planning so you and your group can focus on improving your health.