Free Friday: Mayon Volcano, the Philippines

By July 12, 2019Free Friday

Happy Free Friday! In a world where travel is bound by the funds in our bank accounts, this series showcases free things to do all over the globe. Today, we’re going to the Philippines to see the world’s most perfectly formed volcano: the Mayon Volcano.


The Mayon Volcano, Luzon Island in the Philippines

The Mayon Volcano is located about 300 kilometers southeast of the most visited city in the Philippines, Manila. What warrants such a lengthy detour from the country’s capital is Mount Mayon’s inconceivable symmetry. A build-up of lava, tephra, pumice, and ash formed the 2,463-meter mountain. The strata dogpile resulted in a perfectly, symmetrical cone shape.


The Philippines’ Most Active Volcano

Besides holding a shape that differs from nature’s other anomalous creations, the Mayon Volcano receives scads of visitors for being the most active volcano in the Philippines. Forty-seven eruptions have been recorded in the last 500 years, the most recent occurring in 2018. That statistic may repel some of you from setting foot near the mountain while prompting others to add visiting it to their Bucket List.

smoking Mayon Volcano at sunset

Mount Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines. It’s likely to be smoking from its top when you go to visit.


Because of the volcano’s explosive history, the Filipino government has developed many mitigation strategies for neighboring communities, and the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) keeps a constant watch on the volcano’s activity. Since the 2018 eruption, they’ve placed Mayon at a Volcanic Alert Level of 2 (on a 5-scale level). Level 2 indicates that, while the volcano is at a moderate level of unrest, explosions can still occur. Because of this, entrance to a 7-kilometer radius around the mountain, known as the Extended Danger Zone, is prohibited. You can keep tabs on the volcano’s mood on PHIVOLCS’ website.


Visiting the Volcano

Even though the Mayon Volcano currently sports a radius of prohibited area, don’t let that be a barrier to your visit. The best views of the Mayon Volcano are from afar. One of the best places to view the volcano is Cagsawa Ruins Park. Here, you can capture the stunning remnants of a 16th century Franciscan church in the foreground of your volcanic photo. Legazpi Port in Legazpi City offers another postcard-perfect view.

Visitors are welcome to hike around the beautiful landscape of Mayon Volcano National Park. Not only will the volcano be present in every picture you take, but you’ll also come across attractions like Vera Falls and the Japanese Tunnels (leftover infrastructure from WWII).

Mayon Volcano and Legazpi Port

Hugged by the Gulf of Albay, viewing Mount Mayon from Legazpi Port is a beautiful option.


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