Free Friday: Davao City, Philippines

By April 20, 2018Free Friday

It’s time for another edition of Free Friday – the series that shows you where to find free activities and places to visit around the world. Today, we’ll be exploring Magsaysay Park in Davao City, Philippines.

Magsaysay Park

Davao City, Philippines

This serene, beautifully landscaped park offers a lovely view of Davao Gulf. A favorite of locals, it’s also a great place for visitors to spend a relaxing afternoon with the family. A playground and skating rink offer a fun, wholesome experience for children and adults alike. In addition to the family fun, a variety of artworks adorn the grounds, so make sure to keep an eye out as you explore. Carnival rides and concerts are frequent occurrences as well, so make sure to see if any events are scheduled during your visit.

The carnival rides of Magsaysay Park make for a delightful afternoon of wholesome fun.


The park was built in honor of the Philippine president Ramon Magsaysay who tragically died in a plane crash in 1957. He was the third President of the Philippines. In addition to a statue commemorating the fallen president, a variety of other sculptures decorate the park.

Pamathalaan Marker

Designed by the Filipino artist Napoleon Abueva, the statue symbolizes the Mindanoans desire for a God-centered government.


Spirit of the Shaman Transformed into a Rock

This unique sculpture was a collaboration between an Inuit and Filipino artist and celebrates the culture of Indigenous peoples across the globe.


Tripillar Statue

Created in 1960, this statue is the most famous in the park and honors the place’s namesake. Magsaysay is revered as a president of the people since he was the first leader to open the Malacañang Palace to ordinary Philippine citizens.

The park’s most famous statue honors President Ramon Magsaysay who was killed in a plane crash in 1957.

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