Franconia’s Flavorful Wines

By June 27, 2018Dining

It’s Wine Wednesday! In the heart of southern Germany, the Franconia region is home to a distinctive variety of white wine and defined by the varietals of wineries dating back centuries. Check it out!


Franconia, Germany

At first glance, the name “Franconia” seems like it is a region of France, but actually it’s in southern Germany. Wines produced here are typically white, dry, and found in a round green bottle. Many of the wineries have been in the same families for generations for hundreds of years. While Riesling is probably the best known German variety, the Silvaner grape – used frequently in Franconian wine – is a signature flavor you won’t want to miss.



A grape variety known as Silvaner is the crowning star of this winery. Originally introduced to the estate in 1659, this is the only area that still cultivates the rare grape. And speaking of cultivation: the estate has been owned and harvested by same family for over 26 generations, dating back to 1057 C.E. They aim for natural flavors and age wine in a 300-year-old cellar. Celebrate your journey to Franconia with a glass of 100% Silvaner sparkling wine.


Weingut Juliusspital

Juliusspital is Germany’s second largest wine estate. Guests are welcome for guided tours and tastings. As an added bonus: revenue is used to help fund a hospital. It’s a tradition 435 years in the making!

Visitors to this winery will be delighted by the fruity reds, that have a pleasant tannin level, as well as the elegance and fine quality whites.

For something typical of Franconia, try the 2017 Rödelseer Chef.

Gently rolling hills and stony soil lend their influence to the cultivation of Franconian wines.


Weingut Schmitt’s Kinder

Mainly white varieties are produced on this estate, and they do a superb job of capturing the essence of this ancient wine region. This 300-year-old estate practices slow fermentation for optimal flavor. Additionally, grapes are exclusively hand-harvested. Be sure to request a glass of the VDP.GROSSE LAGE line on your visit – it’s their highest quality varietal.


Weingut Rudolf Fürst

Specializing in Rieslings and Pinots, this family estate has been in operation since the 1600s. Wine produced here is typically dry – a signature of Franconian wine. We recommend the Pinot Madeleine, a very old variety. While you’re enjoying your wine, go for a stroll through the ruins of Clingenburg castle, located in the winery’s vineyards.


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