The Savoriest Food in South Africa

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The culture of South Africa is a blend of European and African traditions. As such, the cuisine of the nation has developed a unique flavor unlike anywhere else on the planet and the Cape Town restaurant scene is its epicenter. You’ll find traditional dishes like duck alongside bolder foods like warthog and zebra. If you’re going to be visiting Cape Town soon, make sure you try the best eateries it has to offer!

The Cape Town Restaurant Scene

Kloof Street House

Situated inside a Victorian manor the opulence of the dining is only matched by the interior decorations. Ornate chandeliers adorn the ceiling and diners can peruse the library lounge during their visit. If you fancy some entertainment while you eat, live jazz accompanies the dining every Sunday. The menu at Kloof’s is brasserie style, and all meat is free range and grass fed. On the lunch menu, you’ll find classics with a twist, like scrambled eggs, fish and chips, and rib eye. The a la carte menu features unique dishes like potato gnocchi and toasted walnuts; ostrich fillet with butternut puree; and mouthwatering desserts like caramel cheesecake.

Peruse the menu here.

This Cape Town restaurant is located in a Victorian manor.

Contemporary cuisine meets Victorian elegance at the Kloof Street House. Photo: © Kloof Street House Facebook.


The Pot Luck Club

Located on the top floor of the Silo of the Old Biscuit Mill, the cuisine here is carefully crafted by award-winning chef Luke Dale Roberts. Dinners are tapas-sized plates that encourage sharing. In addition, the menu selection takes a unique view of the dining experience. Rather than organizing the menu by meal type, the foods are categorized by the five basic tastes: sour, salty, sweet, umami, and bitter. (Umami is a savory taste. We had to look it up too.) If you enjoy a nice glass of wine with your meal, you’ll be delighted by the many options available.

You can find their full menu here.



Trying new foods abroad is always fun, but sometimes it feels good to enjoy old favorites. Bukhara offers a fine dining experience in Indian food. Opened in 1995, this eatery has several types of traditional Indian cuisine but focuses on the northern parts of India. Enjoy favorites like Pani Puri, Chicken Chaat, Tandoor, and Singri.  You’ll also find a selection of nan, roti, and pulao. Treat yourself to a traditional cocktail, like a tasty martini or mojito, or try an Indian-themed cocktail like a Jaipur Blush or Delhi Crush. Oh! And did we mention the atmosphere? Bukhara aims for the “opulence of a classical India far removed from the glitz and glamour of Bollywood.”

Explore the menus here.


Indian dishes from one of the best Indian Cape Town restaurants

Enjoy a taste of home at Bukhara! Photo: © Bukhara Facebook.


Roundhouse & Rumbullion

Not everyone enjoys fine dining. Nor does everyone enjoy a louder, more casual atmosphere. And there are those who would find both equally attractive. That’s what makes Roundhouse & Rumbullion so unique: it caters to every type of diner. The Roundhouse is the restaurant portion of the property and the Rumbullion is outside in a more picnic type atmosphere.

The Roundhouse dates to the late 18th century and is actually a UNESCO site. Originally a guard house for the Dutch East India company, the building has undergone many changes before it became the dining establishment that exists today. Located in a cozy section of Table Mountain, this is the best place to enjoy fine dining and a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean. The Rumbullion is the yin to the Roundhouse yang. The menu here is tapas-style and served on the terraces of the restaurant grounds.

Check out the full menu here.

Savoy Cabbage

Opened in 1997, the Savoy Cabbage takes great pride in its customer service and experience. Here, meat is free range and produce is all organic. The focus of each dish is on freshness and which ingredients are in-season. If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to try the loin or shank of warthog or zebra! If you like ice cream, you’ll love the homemade ice cream they produce here.

Try tian of chevre, roasted peppers, Aubergine, and courgette with basil pesto – or the house-smoked Norwegian salmon on a whole-wheat beer pancake with grapefruit jelly, crème fraiche, and ikura caviar.

Find your favorite dish here.


A salmon dish from Cape Town Restaurant Savoy Cabbage

You’ll be hard pressed to find a Cape Town restaurant more dedicated to customer satisfaction. Photo: © Savoy Cabbage Facebook.

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