Your Seasonal Guide to the Best Destinations

By March 1, 2017Travel
No matter the time of year, there's always someplace that's the best place to visit!

Hey there, fellow travelers! It’s March 1st! Winter’s finally behind us, but the weather isn’t perfect yet. The blah temperatures and gray skies got us to thinking: where’s a good place to visit no matter the time of year? Other regions have seasons too. You wouldn’t want to leave the crappy weather here for more crappy weather back home or elsewhere. So where should you go?


We decided to do some digging and figure it out. In fact, we figured out the best places – and worst places – to visit every month. Find out what we discovered below!


Best Place: Highlights

If you want to read the full graphic for yourself, scroll down, or you can read the highlights below this section. As you can see, there’s always someplace nice, even when weather back home is less than stellar. Here’s a smattering of what you can do based on monthly weather expectations around the world:

best and worst places to go depending on the month

Best Place to Go: April in Japan

Kyoto is a great way to view those famous Japanese cherry blossoms. In fact, the Japanese love this time of year so much, they have a specific term for it: hanami. This means “flower viewing.” A great way to get in on the floral action is to go for a stroll or picnic under the blooming branches.

Japan is one of the best places to visit in April.

The cherry blossoms peak during April in Japan. Thousands will gather to admire the natural splendor.


Best Place to Go: May in France

Ah, Paris. The quintessential vacation spot. It just so happens that May is the ideal time to see the city. The weather usually requires nothing more than a light jacket. The center of Paris is actually really small, so with the beautiful May weather, you can easily walk your way around the city and avoid spending money on the metro.

The best place to experience spring anywhere in the world is Paris.

Urban planners took steps to make Paris a pedestrian-friendly city.


Best Place to Go: August in the Galápagos

Weather here is a balmy 70 degrees and sea life is flourishing. It’s the best time to see the islands made famous by Charles Darwin and his observations of the natural world. You’ll need to fly to Ecuador or Peru to catch a plane here.

Marine Hill Galapagos Islands

Iconic Marine Hill of the Galapagos Islands.


Best Place to Go: March in Portugal

Because it’s March 1st, let’s explore in depth what our March destination has to offer. The Douro Valley is the heart of Port wine-making country. Porto is the largest city near the area and sits at the mouth of the Douro River from which the region takes its name. You’ll want to fly into this city and from there take a car, train, or boat ride about fifty miles east to the town of Pinhão – the heart of the vineyards. (We highly recommend a relaxing boat ride down the Douro. It’s the best way to experience the landscape.) Here, you’ll find ample opportunities for tastings and tours, as well as exploring food shops and bars.

The Douro Valley of Portugal

The Douro Valley may be the coolest thing about Portugal that you’ve never heard of.


And don’t forget to indulge in Port wine. It is the region’s specialty. What is Port wine you ask? It’s a typically sweet red, often served as dessert wine. Port is also a fortified wine, meaning it had brandy added to it so that the sugars didn’t turn entirely into alcohol. It’s typically richer, heavier, and higher in alcohol than other wines.


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