Travel to Argentina

  • Wine, waterfalls and wonderful cities await travelers to Argentina.
  • Experience the crisp blue Atlantic coast or the snowcapped peaks and green valleys of the Andes Mountains.
  • Learn the sensual styles of the Tango or soak in the culture of Cordoba – the Cultural Capital of the World.

Argentina is a massive country and, just like the United States, has varying climates, cultures and regions that make them unique. The distance from the north to the south of Argentina is nearly 3,700 miles. To give you a clue on how far that is: Bangor, Maine to San Diego, California is only 3,200 miles.

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Peak Season

Argentina is in the southern hemisphere so their seasons are opposite of the United States. Most tourists travel to Argentina between November and March to escape the cold and enjoy the warmer weather. Areas such as Patagonia with its scenic mountains will be greeted with mild weather and Buenos Aires beaches are best visited in the warm month of December and January.

Why Visit Argentina

How does sipping some of the finest wine in the southern hemisphere sound? Oh, and having the backdrop of the Andes sure doesn’t hurt to have on the wine tour.  Mendoza is where it’s at. You’ll probably want to hop on a flight from Buenos Aires to Mendoza though – it’s about 600 miles from the capital city.

Nature lovers rejoice. Argentina does not lack for beautiful scenery.

Iguazu Falls – Head to the northern tip of Argentina near the Brazilian border and check out these epic falls. Google it and tell me you don’t want to experience this view in-person.
Parque Nacional Pre-Delta – Golfers and boaters, hikers and campers, welcome to this gorgeous national park set along the eastern banks of the Parana River. Head to the beach or snap photos of unique birds.
Patagonia – There’s probably too much to say about this majestic region in a bullet point. Glaciers, mountains, foliage – carve out some time to head to this paradise.
Beaches in Argentina are plentiful and beachside communities fill the Atlantic Coast, especially around Buenos Aires. Here are a couple beaches you’ll want to explore:

Mar del Plata – Located about 250 miles from the city of Buenos Aires, you’ll find 10 miles of beaches and over 6 million beachgoers during the summer months.
Puerto Madryn – Located in Patagonia, Puerto Madryn not only offers miles of beaches but gives you the opportunity to snorkel, whale watch and hang out with some penguins.

Want to learn some history? San Antonio de Areco is a town dating back to the 18th century. This picturesque town is about 70 miles from Buenos Aires and is still shaped by its colonial architecture.

What can Jaya do for you?

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Argentina weather varies like it does in the United States but most of the country experiences a moderate climate where the summers are hot and the winters are cool.

Whether you are in the north or south, near the beaches or mountains, it all varies. Most prefer to live in the north where the climate is more seasonal. In fact, 24 of the 25 most populous cities in Argentina are in the northern, more moderate half of the country.

Heading to Argentina? Unless you’re into extremes, you’ll probably keep to the northern half of the country.

Getting Around Argentina (including flights)

The main Argentina Airport is the airport in Buenos Aires – Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE).

Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport (COR)also known as Pajas Blancas is another popular choice located in Cordoba.

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Major Cities

  • Buenos Aires – 8 million travelers with flights to Argentina will land in Buenos Aires, the most populous city in Argentina and the country’s capital.
  • Cordoba – Over 1 million live in Cordoba and live amongst its persevered monuments and buildings dating back centuries.
  • Rosario – This major port city nestled on the banks of the Parana River is home to dozens of museums and amazing landmarks.

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