5 Must-Try Restaurants in Santiago, Chile

By August 9, 2017Foodie

The melting pot of traditions, cultures, and history that characterize Santiago, Chile is brought to life by its restaurant scene. The streets are lined with traditional Chilean restaurants serving delicacies like empanadas, sopaipillas, and prietas sitting right next door to modern eateries representing cuisines from all around the world. And of course there are few better places to experience fresh, decadent seafood than the country that hugs the Pacific coast of South America! If Santiago is part of your upcoming vacation, make sure to check out some of the city’s hottest fine-dining restaurants!

Peumayén Ancestral Food

This restaurant focuses on celebrating the native cuisines of Chile, so if you’re looking to delve into the vast array of Chilean traditional foods and ingredients this is the place to go! You will have a wide selection of Santiago’s finest breads, fish, chocolates, meats, and plants. This unique dining experience is the result of careful research on the gastronomic roots of Chilean food and the cooking techniques used in the kitchen reflect the preparations of the country’s earliest inhabitants. Eating here is bound to take you through the historical food story of Chile and surprise and delight your modern taste buds! Make sure to enjoy the Peumayén bread plate that comes with every meal.

Ancient cuisine meets modern elegance. Photo: Restaurant Peumayen Facebook

Ancient cuisine meets modern elegance. Photo: Restaurant Peumayen Facebook


La Misión

La Misión (The Mission) is a restaurant and wine bar. You’ll enjoy local ingredients and an incredible selection of over 400 wines! Servers will happily tell you the history of each wine and suggest the perfect match for your dinner based on your preferences. There are also 11 thematic wine tastings offered to showcase the various wine trends of South America. If you’re looking for a sophisticated gastronomic experience, this unique restaurant is the perfect places for everything from business meetings to romantic dinners.


Jewel of India

If you’re looking for some Indian food in the midst of South America, look no further! One of the most popular restaurants in Santiago, Jewel of India brings the distinct flavors of India to life with a family atmosphere thanks to the friendly and caring restaurant owner, Palabras de Rakesh. The restaurant offers several Indian themed rooms to help add to the cultural dining experience: The Salon of Love, Hall of the Gods, Dance Hall, Hall Krishna, Hall V.I.P., and Terrace. Experience the rich colors, exotic aromas, and distinct tastes that will transport you across the world without leaving the continent.


Aquí Esta Coco

Aquí Esta Coco’s story started in 1973, when Jorge “Coco” Pacheco opened his first restaurant. This family-based eatery is passionate about its food (especially the fresh seafood!) and sticking to the roots of traditional Chilean cooking. It now focuses on sustainability, trying to make its eco-footprint as small as possible by recycling and reinventing everything from the floors to the tablecloths and getting ingredients from smaller, local farms. While enjoying a traditional Chilean feast you’ll have several room options for dining, including the intimate Capitán, the mystical La Cava, and the volcanic stone Mary. With Chef Coco in the kitchen it will be a dining experience to remember!

A seafood lover’s dream! Photo: Aqui Esta Coco Facebook

A seafood lover’s dream! Photo: Aqui Esta Coco Facebook



For more than 70 years, Pinpilinpausha has been bringing traditional Basque food to the Santiago restaurant scene. Pinpilinpausha, which means “butterfly” in Basque, is located in the neighborhood El Golf, the financial center of Santiago. Enjoy fresh Iberian dishes like paella, garbanzos with shrimp, Spanish omelets, and churros with chocolate. And everything is, of course, paired with the perfect local wine. Founded by the Sanz-Raab family, this three-generation-deep team sticks to its traditional roots while creatively adapting to modern tastes.

Churros and Chocolate at Pinpilinpausha. Photo: Pinpilinpausha's site.

Churros and Chocolate at Pinpilinpausha. Photo: Pinpilinpausha’s site.

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